Mission Statement

The name of the Artistic Research Center of mdw refers in its abbreviation to the meaning of “arc” as a bridge, connecting art and research/science, and therefore as an extension of the open space, in which art and research can mutually inspire each other and profit from each other. It leads to the production of new knowledge and serves as an independent contribution towards the development and opening up of the arts.  It assumes a diversity of forms of knowledge and understanding.

Knowledge about certain specific research questions is generated within the arts, the corresponding artistic research gets contextualised and the resulting gain of knowledge is documented and communicated adequately. Depending on the contents of a project various aspects play an important role here, in various specific weights: The development of artistic practices and their critical and systematic reflection, inter- / transdisziplinarity, collaborativity, plurimediality, diversity of knowledge forms and a consciousness for social relevance.

Responsibilities of ARC

  • providing courses and organisation for the artistic doctorate program
  • providing the organisation framework for the study program Contemporary Arts Practice (CAP – Master)
  • contributing to the contents of artistic and artistic-research-related master programs and diploma studies
  • support for artistic research in third party projects and own research projects, meta artistic research, aggregation of knowledge and expertise in artistic research
  • establishing a platform for networking and publication, Research Catalogue Portal will go online soon.