Improviser*Composer-performers create independent artistic forms and formats through the translation and transformation of momentary events, fix them and present them. Analogue instruments can be used with digital tools, interdisciplinary collaborations can function as extensions. Concert and performance formats develop from intrinsic and extrinsic circumstances and motivations.

In this study profile, students learn

  • to consider and use performance, improvisation and composition as mutually dependent and enriching elements in a multidimensional musical practice.
  • to be aware of the variety of idiomatic and non-idiomatic improvisation both artistically and academically, to situate themselves within it and to develop it further in their personal field of activity (e.g. new music, electronic music, folk music, early music, etc.).
  • apply compositional working methods from this field of activity, which can come from the entire spectrum of fixed and open forms or notated and music-making orientated practice.
  • critically reflect on, contextualise, deepen and inspire their own artistic activity, taking into account academic findings and methodologies.

Contact: Maria Gstättner