Artists working in the field of music meditation and community music initiate musical spaces for encounter and foster diverse relationships between music and people. This occurs through formats such as presenting music for specific dialogue groups, participatory workshops, long-term collaborative projects, and various media dissemination methods (e.g., program booklets, radio features, apps).


In this study profile, you will learn:

  • To develop and implement participatory artistic formats in dialogue with all stakeholders and involved institutions from the fields of education, culture, and social work.
  • To design and conduct presentation formats at the intersection of concert and music theater, bridging art and education for various dialogue groups.
  • To professionally fulfill roles as musicians, mediators, and facilitators.
  • To methodically work with different groups of people in group and individual settings, inter- and/or transdisciplinarily.
  • To initiate and sustainably cultivate interpersonal relationships through and with music.