Advancing Music and Minorities Research

Who are we looking for?


Candidates for an AMMR seed money grant are expected to:

  • have a PhD in ethnomusicology or a related discipline.

  • have a robust track record with regards to their current career stage.

  • have relevant and substantial experience in music and minorities research, visible in peer reviewed publications (see MMRC’s definition of the concept of “minority”).

  • have an original, innovative, and feasible idea for a research project on a self-selected topic in the field of music and minorities research that fits the criteria of one of the supported funding programs (see list below).

  • be willing to conduct their research projects at MMRC as principal investigators in the case of receiving funding from these programs.

Furthermore, candidates need to fulfil all eligibility criteria of the funding programs to which they intend to submit the applications they will write as AMMR grantees. Researchers interested in applying for an AMMR seed money grant are required to consult MMRC’s research coordinator Malik Sharif ( in advance for advice on whether they and their project ideas are suitable for their intended funding program or not.

There are no restrictions on age, nationality, or current residence of candidates, but specific funding programs may have requirements in these regards.

AMMR grantees are not required to stay in Vienna over the duration of the grant. Work meetings, presentations, etc. can all take place online. If feasible, grantees are of course welcome to visit MMRC.

If an AMMR grant results in a successful funding application, the projects will be hosted at MMRC. The principal investigator will be employed at MMRC and will thus be expected to work in Vienna, necessary shorter or longer research stays in other places notwithstanding.


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