Quality Assurance

As a first step in the quality assurance process, the mdwPress Coordination checks whether the proposal complies to the Submission Guidelines. About three times a year, the Academic Board meets to deliberate upon the content of the proposed publication projects, to include them – if applicable – in the publisher’s program, and to recommend further quality assurance measures, depending on the publication format and subject area. These measures are described in each publication’s imprint.

Academic Board

Ralf von Appen orcid
Department of Popular Music, mdw

Silke Felber orcid
Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies, mdw

Nanna Heidenreich orcid
Department of Art Sciences and Art Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild orcid
Department of Musicology and Performance Studies, mdw

Peter Stachel
Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Former Members
Evelyn Annuß, mdw orcid
Vasileios Chatziioannou, mdw orcid
Karin Harrasser, University of Art and Design Linz orcid
Oliver Rathkolb, University of Vienna orcid
Heidemarie Uhl (†), Austrian Academy of Sciences orcid
Melanie Unseld, mdw orcid