Lena Dražić: Die Politik des kritischen Komponierens. Diskursive Verflechtungen um Helmut Lachenmann

Neue Musik – according to the common narrative – confronts us with unfamiliar sounds and forces us to question our relationship to the world. Neue Musik rouses us and is therefore always political – but is that really true? While the movement of “critical composing” invokes values such as democracy, accessibility and criticism of power, access to the field of Neue Musik is significantly dependent on educational and class privileges. Using the example of Helmut Lachenmann – one of the most prominent composers of the present day – Lena Dražić uses texts about Neue Musik as the basis for a discourse analysis that gets to the core of its political promises.

The book will be published in German.

Publication: forthcoming on June 27, 2024

About the Author
Lena Dražić, born in 1980, is a lecturer in musicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where she also obtained her PhD. In 2022 she was a research fellow at the International Research Center for Cultural Studies in Vienna. Her project on turbo-folk music was funded by the Austrian Academy of Science and Vienna City Council. Her research deals with questions of nationalism and politics in relation to music.