It’s sometimes all so simple, and then it seems horribly complicated. Sometimes it seems overemphasised, and then it seems like it’s the very point of everything.

Love—regardless of whether it’s for another human being, for music, theatre, film, or the stage, or for one’s audience—draws on a passion that’s invariably associated with a lot of work. We also see this in the couples at the focus of this issue’s Special: we look at married couples amidst the bourgeois ideals of the 19th century, at a young, modern couple free from such societal conventions, and at famous artist-couples who quite often get viewed and judged through the lenses of numerous clichés. Their love for the arts and culture and for one another made all of them what they were back then or are today. Love—it’s an inexhaustible theme that’s been the fount of so much creativity and will probably remain so for quite some time to come.

Articles from this special

Steeped in Music

“…no happier, no more harmonious union in the world of art…”?

Competition and Bankruptcy

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