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It’s simply impossible to pack 200 years of an institution’s history into a magazine issue. But even so, we’ve made an attempt to scratch the surface: in this Special, we’d like to give you an impression of the mdw’s diversity and selected bicentennial projects. To whet your appetite for the Aufspiel on 15 June, there’s a survey of the colourful programme planned for this year’s event, which will be held at the Konzerthaus. Shortly prior to that, on 31 May, we hope to see you for Klangketten at one of this project’s “sound islands” between the Vienna Musikverein and the mdw. Klangketten will see us reach out into the public sphere with music and performing arts as they are taught, practiced, and rehearsed at our university on a daily basis, and you’re warmly invited to be part of it!

Closer to home, it’s with a critical eye that multiple research projects concerning many aspects of the university and its development are being conducted under the collective title Changing mdw. How the campus at Anton-von-Webern-Platz used to be home to cows, goats, and other animals, as well as the fact that the city rail line outside was preceded by a canal for the transport of all kinds of goods, is something you’ll see with your own eyes in our picture series “The mdw – then and now”. And just why King David plays a role in our graduation ceremonies is something you can also read on the following pages—one interesting story among many from a rich history full of much, much more that remains to be rediscovered.

Articles from this special

The Full-Spectrum

Feeling, Listening, Reaching Out – Cultural Participation via “Chains of Sound”

“Changing mdw” – Sound-Worlds and their Construction

The Sceptre of the mdw

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