1 January 2017, Facebook: Falter editor-in-chief Florian Klenk asked when we’d be seeing the first woman conduct the New Year’s Concert. In the lengthy discussion beneath his post, one user wrote scornfully of a “gender revolt”. Some calmer users speculated that women perhaps weren’t generally attracted to such a job, while others branded existing women conductors as mediocre and still others suspected a “male conspiracy”

Here, however, in this issue’s Special section, the point is that we should avoid resorting to black-and-white thinking when it comes to the issue of gender equality – and, most importantly, that we should avoid aggression: read why we need both female and male role models, why feminism is helpful even if it does often elicit scorn, and why gender studies plays an important part in contemplating historically rooted notions and circumstances pertaining to gender. You can also learn about women who teach or used to teach at the mdw, as well as about ongoing initiatives. There’s so much still to be done!

Articles from this special

Making Women Visible

FC Gloria: An Assertive Women’s Network in the Film Industry

Gender Studies

The Virtual Platform spiel|mach|t|raum: Women* at the mdw, 1817–2017

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