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Under Gerlinde Haid, the series Schriften zur Volksmusik, founded by Walter Deutsch continues in the spirit of its founder. The purpose has been and remains the publication of the scholarly results of folk music research. The scope of research is widely conceived and naturally also has an international breadth. The series has developed into one of the most fundamental publications of the discipline within Austria. With the 16th volume (Echo der Vielfalt-Echos of Diversity) a new format was created with a new press (Böhlau). The publication in English is meant to reach a larger and more international readership and an accompanying CD of audio examples has become standard.

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The CD series "Tondokumente zur Volksmusik in Österreich" edited by Rudolf Pietsch produces annotated recordings of field recordings of diverse institutions, in-house productions, and also publicly produced events (esp. of Austrian radio ORF) for the interested public. The different editions address individual genres, instrumental ensembles, regions or individuals in folk music in which the music of minorities in Austria also clearly is represented.

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Begun in 2000, the series "klanglese" is a publication that supplements the more detailed and extensive "Schriften zur Volksmusik" offering smaller overviews from the discipline and from the Institute's own work when timeliness is important. In this respect, this series is a harvest of that which comes our way. It was inaugurated with "Bosnian Musik in Österreich" and was edited by Gerlinde Haid (until 2012) and is edited by Ursula Hemetek and Ulrich Morgenstern (from 2012 on).

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European Voices: Audiovisuals is a new series of the Department for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. An essential element of it is the partnership with institutions in which members of the Research Centre for European Multipart Music (EMM), based in this Department, are engaged. EMM members will present here unknown audio and video recordings of multipart music and dance practices, primarily from fieldwork, with comprehensive explanations drawn up in close cooperation with music and dance makers.

Ardian Ahmedaja

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