Olga Kolokytha:
Artistic Development of Young Professional Singers
Vol. 12 in the series extempore
Vienna: Department of Music Sociology 2013
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This book is part of an interdisciplinary research on artistic development from a cultural institutions studies perspective. The main questions answered are what artistic development is perceived to be and if and how it is practiced by opera organizations with particular emphasis to Young Artist’s Programmes. The book also identifies associated issues, stresses the importance of artistic development and offers reasons to support initiatives aimed at young professional artists. Among the issues discussed are taste, creative process, performance and skills, singer’s careers and the changing job description and role of artists. The book’s contribution to scientific knowledge is a comprehensive discussion on artistic development from a holistic point of view, with insights from areas such as aesthetics, musicology, performance studies, cultural studies, human resource management, cultural economics and cultural policy and management.
The main findings can have a practical use in various areas such as University curricula, training and development programmes, opera houses’ policy and in the artistic profession in general.

From the contents:
Chapter I. – Mapping the Research
Chapter II. – Opera and Singers in Context
Chapter III. – Artistic Development
Chapter IV. – Further Thoughts and Conclusions

Dr. Olga Kolokytha holds a PhD in Kulturbetriebslehre (Cultural Institutions Studies) with Distinction from the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and an MA in Arts Management from City University London. She has presented papers in international conferences, has taught cultural policy and management at a University level and works as freelance cultural projects manager, production manager and consultant around Europe. Contact: okolokitha@gmail.com
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