Webinar - Career Management for young conductors

With Joel Ethan Fried

Joel Ethan Fried was artistic director of the Royal Concertgebouw Orkest Amsterdam for over 20 years. He brings his experience as conductor, chorus master and artistic manager to this workshop. He will look at the possibilities and opportunities for young conductors at the start of their careers, give many useful tips from practice and underpin them with current examples from the cultural sector.


  • How orchestras look for and engage young conductors
  • Master classes, competitions, work as an assistant conductor
  • How to find an engagement as a guest conductor or assistant conductor, with or without management
  • What to do between the offer of engagement and the first rehearsal, including program building, rehearsal schedules and artistic production issues
  • What to do, and what not to do, to increase the chances of re-engagement
  • Special situations: 18th century music, soloists, opera and musical theater, contemporary music
  • Career decisions: choosing between specific options

Target group: Conducting students and Alumni

The webinar is free of charge and can be taken as an elective at the mdw.


30. January 2024   10:00-13:00 and
31. January 2024   14:00-17:00

Registration deadline until 15.11.23

Registration: careercenter@mdw.ac.at

This webinar will be held in English!

ECTS: The workshop counts as 10 hrs. à 60 min. incl. preparation and postprocessing for the Career Center elective course.