Wiener Schwalben all around the World – Ladies’ Orchestras and Transnational Cultural Networks in Late Nineteenth-Century Europe !abgesagt!

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#Wissenschaftliche Vorträge & Symposien

am 22.04.2020 18 00

VORTRAGENDE/R: Nuppu Koivisto

Der Vortrag findet in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Musiksoziologie auch im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe Musik und Gesellschaft im Diskurs statt.

Organisation und Moderation: Rosa Reitsamer und Fritz Trümpi

In this lecture, I shall examine the tour routes and marketing strategies itinerant ladies’ orchestras in late nineteenth-century Europe. Even though most of the musicians in these small salon or restaurant ensembles came from the Habsburg and German Empires, their careers extended well beyond national and imperial borders. How were the orchestras’ tours planned and who organized them? Based on which criteria did the orchestras choose their destinations? What kinds of marketing strategies did these orchestras use and how were they received in different parts of Europe?

These three questions will be treated from the point of view of transnationalism, on the one hand, and micro-history, on the other. My key argument is that ladies’ orchestras were able to form transnational cultural networks of ”sustained linkages and ongoing exchanges”, as coined by Steven Vertovec. Although documentary and biographical evidence of the orchestras is fragmentary, these transnational networks may be fruitfully analyzed by focusing on individual musicians and orchestras as so-called ”telling examples”, as discussed by the historian Lara Putnam.

The lecture will consist of three parts. After a short introduction, an rough outline of the orchestras’ tour routes will be presented. The second part of the lecture will, in turn, focus on the orchestras’ public image and on the way in which they used local and national attributes when advertising for their concerts. As for the third and final section of the talk, two case studies of ladies’ orchestras will be analyzed in more detail – the Viennese ladies’ orchestra of Henriette Fahrbach-Ehmki (1851–1923) and the Fennia ladies’ orchestra based in Finland and Scandinavia.

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Zeit & Ort der Veranstaltung

22.04. von 18:00 bis 19:30
Seilerstätte, Bauteil A/Seminarraum
Seilerstätte 26
1010 Wien
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