Paul Hille †


Degrees in music education (secondary school education, piano, eurythmics)in Detmold, Germany. Diplôme supérieur de la Méthode Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva.

Further studies: the Art of Hearing (Art de l’Écoute) with François Louche in France. Ling Qi and bel canto singing with Johannes Romuald in Vienna. 

Current teaching position in piano improvisation and eurythmics. From 1996 until 2011, additional teaching position in ear training, solfeggio and music theory at the Performing Arts Studios Vienna.

Regular guest teacher and workshop leader throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 
Pianist, keyboardist, musical director, arranger.

Composer of various music and music theater programs including “Night and Dreams” (Nacht und Träume), a program for voice and piano based on poems by Rose Ausländer.

2010 founder and chief organizer of „Carpe Impro“- a musical improvisation event and of Erasmus Hörraum 2012, an international symposium on ear training and listening, both at Vienna’s University of Music (mdw). The symposium was nominated 2013 for the ‚lifelong learning award‘ in Austria. In 2015 Elected President of the FIER, the Federation of Eurhythmics teachers worldwide.


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