Marko Dzomba
The happy winner Marko Dzomba ©Marcell Nimführ

On 15 November 2016 in Vienna, the mdw and Casinos Austria joined forces for the fourth time to select the winner of the Casinos Austria Rising Star Award. The award, worth € 10,000 and intended to help boost mdw students’ careers as professional musicians, went this year to the young saxophonist Marko Dzomba.

Dzomba, who was born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1990, studies classical saxophone at the mdw under Oto Vrhovnik. He won over the distinguished jury, chaired by the long-serving former Vienna Philharmonic president Clemens Hellsberg, thanks above all to his expressive sound and a fresh, vigorous interpretation of his selected programme. Dzomba prevailed in the final round against formidable competition from organist Bertalan Ablonczy and violinist Belle Ting.

Above and beyond receiving the cash prize, he will now be able to record his final-round programme plus a selection of additional works in a professional recording studio for release on his own LP in an exclusive 500-copy pressing.

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