The project Transkulturalität_mdw was able to give important impulses inside and outside the mdw in the past five years. In May 2019, the annual lecture series Transkulturalität_mdw took place in the form of a symposium for the first time. As a step towards further consolidation of the project, a team will act as a steering group in the future and coordinate relevant events -> more information will follow!
The next symposium will take place in 7 and 8 May 2021 and will be part of the curriculum of the
master’s degree programme Ethnomusicology, which starts in winter semester 2019/20.
The videos of the symposium ►"Decolonising of Knowledges" are available here.
The publication "Transkulturelle Erkundungen - Wissenschaftlich-künstlerische Perspektiven" is available as a free download.

Contact: Julia Fent | Coordinator for Transkulturality_mdw
Institute of Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology
mdw – University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna


Recent publication

Summing up the events of the interdisciplinary lecture series Transkulturalität_mdw 2014-2018, in 2019 the book „Transkulturelle Erkundungen – Wissenschaftlich-künstlerische Perspektiven“ was published: “This publication presents interdisciplinary and international approaches to transculturality, providing contributions from philosophy, political science, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, gender and queer studies, musicology, music pedagogics, postcolonial studies, migration studies and minority studies.”

(Ursula Hemetek, Daliah Hindler, Harald Huber, Therese Kaufmann, Isolde Malmberg, Hande Sağlam (Hg.) (2019):

Transkulturelle Erkundungen – Wissenschaftlich-künstlerische Perspektiven. Wien: Böhlau)


► Review mdw-webmagazine

Symposium 2019

Further information and the detailed program can be found here:

Project team: Julia Fent (Coordination), Ursula Hemetek, Harald Huber, Therese Kaufmann, Gerda Müller,
Hande Sağlam.