Research Centre for European Multipart Music

Multipart music represents one of the most fascinating phenomena in the European musical practices. It has therefore been a favoured object of research for a long time now, particularly in a national context. Regional studies which extend outside of political boundaries, are, however, rare and sporadic. But, as a rule, the regional and the political boundaries in Europe do not coincide. Thus an almost untouched area for investigations has emerged here. Following a detailed analysis in 2003, the establishment of a Research Centre for European Multipart Music as an international network of specialists seemed to have become more than necessary.

A thorough examination of the diverse European multipart music practices can only be made by concentrating on specific topics and areas. The investigations include up to now the following issues: Multipart Singing in the Balkans and the Mediterranean (EV I), Cultural Listening and Local Discourse in Multipart Singing Traditions in Europe (EV II), The Instrumentation and Instrumentalization of Sound (EV III), Multipart Instrumental Music. Soloist and Ensemble Traditions (EV IV) and Music for Dance (EV5).

Some of the results of the work carried out until now are published on this website to provide insights into this work and to obtain new impulses and suggestions from interested users.

Ardian Ahmedaja