Silvia Martinez

Curriculum Vitae

(last update: 2005)

Sílvia Martinez is graduated in Arts-Musicology from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 1991, and completed her PhD in Arts-Popular Music Studies at the Universidad of Barcelona in 1997 after some study and research semesters at the Université de Montréal (Canada) and UCLA (USA). She completed her studies with a post-graduate research grant at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Germany) from 1997 to 1999. She was researcher at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (1999-2001) where carried out a documental project on the Ethnomusicological Archive of the Department of Musicology.

Her main fieldwork was undertaken on urban popular music; however, she has collaborated with Dr. Pelinski at the re-study of the traditional repertoire done at 1997 at the Spanish province of Catelló. She has published one book on heavy metal music and several articles and book chapters on ethnomusicology, popular music and pedagogy.

Currently, Sílvia Martinez teaches Popular Music and World Music at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and collaborates in a research project on Music and Fest related to immigrant communities in Barcelona (Spain).

Selected Publications:

  • Martinez, Sílvia. 1994: El fenomen musical de les tribus urbanes a Barcelona: el heavy metal. In Revista d'Etnologia de Catalunya 1994/4: 174 - 176.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 1995: Músiques marginals: aproximació etnomusicològica a les subcultures juvenils. In Actes del I Congrés de Música a Catalunya (Barcelona, 1994). Consell Català de la Música, Barcelona, 1003 - 1006.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 1997: Reestudi a Castelló: Betxí, Onda i Tales. In Ramón Pelinski, ed. Presencia del pasado: reestudio de un cancionero castellonense. Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 1997: La música popular contemporánea: un reto para la musicología española. In Revista de Musicología vol. 20. Madrid: SEdeM.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 1999: Enganxats al heavy. Música, cultura i trangressió. Lleida: Ed. Pagès.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 2002: A Multimedia Project of the Ethnomusicological Archive of the Departement of Musicology at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. In Music Archiving in the World, ed. by Berlin, Gabriele & Simon, Artur.
  • Martinez, Sílvia. 2003: Seeking Connections Through A Sea: Mediterranean Sounds in Spanish folk and Popular Music. In Plastino G., ed. Mediterranean Mosaic. Popular Music and Global Sounds. New York & London, Routledge.