Artistic research in focus: in this issue’s Special section, we explore the generation of knowledge via artistic practices. Our reflection on the potentials of artistic research and the controversies surrounding it is complemented by an overview of nine artistic research pilot projects currently in progress at the mdw.

Ulrike Sych © Inge Prader, 2017

The mdw Senate has just begun its new term (which runs until 2022), so now is an ideal time to introduce you to this collegial decision-making body’s central responsibilities as well as its new chair Johannes Marian.

A doctoral student at our university introduces his dissertation project on the development of public funding for the arts and culture in Vienna, and his look back is joined by a review of the mdw-based Vienna Business Research Days’ first ten years. This issue also provides a look at the international contributions to the Vienna Days of Academic Integrity, the first edition of which we recently hosted.

A project entitled Einander recently saw the Department of Music Education Research, Music Didactics and Elementary Music Education, the opera company Neue Oper Wien, and the New Secondary School 12 join forces in a model collaboration that’s now set to continue!

And finally, this issue’s photo series provides a look into the work of our streaming team and shows just how involved preparing for and technically supporting a live stream is.

I wish you all the best for 2020 and an enjoyable time with this issue of mdw Magazine!

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