NameZiss, Theresia
Cooperationworks in a team with WK60G, WK73F, and WK72D
Commentaryvariants of name: Ziß, Zißin
Active1759 - 1773
Scores written by WK71PBlaise_18766, Bonno_18291, Boroni_18261, Felici_18059, Fischietti_18063, Fischietti_18064, Galuppi_18056, Galuppi_18067, Galuppi_18068, Galuppi_18071, Gassmann_17773, Gassmann_18074, Gassmann_18079, Gassmann_18080, Gassmann_18081, Gassmann_18082, Gassmann_18083, Gassmann_18085, Gassmann_18086, Gassmann_9947, Gaviniès_17889, Gluck_10123, Gluck_17780, Gluck_17782, Gluck_17783, Gluck_9948, Gluck_9949, Gluck_CS-3971, Gluck_D-4703, Gluck_VM4-51, Grétry_10173, Guglielmi_10031, Hasse_17288, Hasse_17297, Hasse_18280, Hasse_18709, Majo_17187, Pasqua_17817, Pergolesi_18034, Philidor_17896, Philidor_17897, Piccinni_17812, Piccinni_17813, Piccinni_17821, Piccinni_17822, Piccinni_17823, Piccinni_17826, Piccinni_17827, Sacchini_10070, Scarlatti_10004, Scarlatti_17849, Scarlatti_17850, Scarlatti_17851, Scolari_18042, Traetta_10008, Traetta_17853, Traetta_17861
Paper used by WK71PP1, P3, P7, P9, P22, P26, P38, P5, P59, P61, P64, P65, P66, P68, P69, P71, P72, P73, P76, P79, P80, P87, P88, P89, P93