Il Telemaco ossia L'isola di Circe (VM4-51)       

ComposerGluck, Christoph Willibald
Alternative titlesTelemacco nell'isloa di Circe
Il Telemaco, o sia l'isola di Circe
Date of performance1765-01-30 Premiere
Dating of manuscript1765
NotesThe score was written in the Ziss workshop, with a combination of paper (P69, P88) Ziss's scribes used early in 1765. The manuscript clearly belongs to the context of the Viennese premiere. GGA dates the copy only roughly to "18th century".
Number of volumes2
Copyist(s)WK60M, WK71P, WK72D, WK73F
Workshop WK71P – Therese Ziss
Detailed information Gluck_VM4-51
LibraryBibliothèque nationale de France, Paris
Library holding F-Pn VM4-51
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