Paper      P89      
Date of use1765 - 1769
Paper millAntonio Seguito, Lusetti, Toscolano
CommentaryP79 is a distinctive variant of P89. Whereas the letter A and the three crescents are identical, the papers differ in the form of the letters M and S and in the position of the letter S. In the sidemark of P79, the letter S – in P89 positioned right of the letter A – is mirrored and repositioned left of the letter A. The whole sheet appears thus as a vertically mirrored image of P89 with an interchanged letter sequence. In addition, in P79A the letter M is positioned differently and in P79B, the letter M is narrower than in P89.

Watermark P89A

Watermark3 crescents / M
Selenometrie in mmxz: 78, xy: 16
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._10123_fol103v104r97v98r
no countermark
watermark cornermark sheet

Twinmark P89B

Watermark3 crescents / M
Selenometrie in mmxz: 79, xy: 15
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._10123_fol101v102r99v100r
no twin countermark
twin watermark twin cornermark twin sheet

Copyists and works

Copyists using paper P89WK60G, WK60R, WK67B, WK68F, WK68H, WK71F, WK71K, WK71P, WK73F
Scores written on paper P89Bonno_2991-F2, Gassmann_18083, Gassmann_27.5.1–3, Gluck_10123, Gluck_17782, Hasse_17288, Piccinni_17811, Scolari_1065
Staff ruling on paper P8910/184K, 10/190A, 12/187C, 12/c.186