L'isola disabitata (2991-F2)       

ComposerBonno, Giuseppe
Date of performance
Dating of manuscript1765
NotesThe paper P89 used in this score does not correspond to W-Dl-439, as indicated in RISM (as of February 2024). The score cleary dates past the Viennese performance of 1763 and could not be linked to a Viennese performance.
Number of volumes1
Covermarbled paper
Detailed information Bonno_2991-F2
LibrarySächsische Landesbibliothek, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, Dresden
Library holding D-Dl 2991-F2
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Former owner(s)1. Maria Antonia Walpurgis, Electress of Saxony (1724–1780)