L'isola disabitata (25.6.1)       

ComposerBonno, Giuseppe
Date of performance
Dating of manuscript1767
NotesThe score originates from Therese Ziss’s workshop, where P79 was used very frequently in 1767. The combination of WK67A, WK67B and P79, which is found in Hasse_17298, Piccinni_10062, and Galuppi_27.6.20–21 (all from 1767), also points to the production of the score in 1767. Together with a group of other opera scores, this manuscript from the collection of archduchess Maria Carolina was probably written in the run-up of her wedding and move to Naples in May 1768.
Number of volumes1
Copyist(s)WK67A, WK67B
Detailed information Bonno_25.6.1
LibraryBiblioteca del Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella, Naples
Library holding I-Nc 25.6.1
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Former owner(s)1. Archduchess Maria Carolina (1752–1814)
2. Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini