Il filosofo di campagna (Mus.Hs.18068)       

ComposerGaluppi, Baldassare
Date of performance1759-02-21 Viennese Premiere
Dating of manuscript1759
NotesGaluppi's "Il filosofo di campagna" was his first opera to be performed in Vienna. It had its Viennese premiere in 1759 and was revived in 1763 and 1768. Unaware of the premiere in 1759, Zechmeister (Die Wiener Theater 1971, p. 487) relates the score to the revival in 1763. The database "Opera buffa in Wien (1763-1782)", ignoring the premiere in 1759 too, describes the copy as a 'heavily edited version of unknown origin' ("Stark bearbeitete Version unbekannter Herkunft"). The score was written by Ziss and one of her collaborators. The use of P80 and its combination with P61 suggest that the manuscript was written in connection with the 1759 performance. Mus.Hs.18069 contains the parts that were probably used at the premiere.
Number of volumes1
Covermarbled paper
PaperP61, P80, P93
Copyist(s)WK60G, WK71P
Workshop WK71P – Therese Ziss
Detailed information Galuppi_18068
LibraryÖsterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Library holding A-Wn Mus.Hs.18068
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