La sposa fedele (Mus.Hs.10031)       

ComposerGuglielmi, Pietro Alessandro
Date of performance1769-xx-xx Viennese Premiere
Dating of manuscript1769
NotesThe database "Opera buffa in Wien (1763-1782)" suggests that Guglielmi_10031 might be a copy of the Venetian premiere version of 1767. However, the manuscript was written by Ziss and two of her collaborators, most probably in the year of the Viennese premiere in 1769. A variant of P73 can be found here and in other Viennese scores from 1768 and 1769.
Number of volumes3
Coverbrocade paper - natural color
PaperP73, P73_var1
Copyist(s)WK69C, WK71K, WK71P
Workshop WK71P – Therese Ziss
Detailed information Guglielmi_10031
LibraryÖsterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Library holding A-Wn Mus.Hs.10031
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Former owner(s)1. Archduchess Elisabeth (1743-1808)
2. Emperor Franz II./I. (1768-1835)
3. Steiermärkischer Musikverein