Communication is always complex. No matter whether it’s about content being conveyed between two individuals or a symphony being rehearsed and performed by an orchestra, listening to one another is always what it’s all about. Making music together in an ensemble as large as an orchestra brings with it numerous challenges and requires flexibility, the ability to work in a team, and the willingness to engage with each other.

In this issue’s Special, you can read about what it takes to be an orchestral musician and how people prepare for orchestra auditions, as well as about how the mdw trains future orchestral musicians and the importance of youth orchestras’ contributions in this fi eld. What’s more, we’ve taken a look back at 50 years of the Vienna RSO and asked what projects this orchestra has planned for its jubilee year.

Articles from this Special

It’s Team Players We Need

“Orchestral playing is probably the most complex form of communication in which human beings can engage.”

The ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra Turns 50

Becoming Professional (Orchestra) Players Step By Step

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