The mdw’s Department of Organ, Organ Research, and Church Music, which has made its home at the former Ursuline convent on Seilerstätte since 1968, prepares students to oversee and perform liturgical music in churches, work as professional organists, and lead choirs. The Department’s concrete training options, how the labour market looks for graduates, the wonderful instruments on which the students have the opportunity to play, and the Department’s reasons for also pursuing organ-related scholarly and scientific research are things you can learn more about in this issue’s Special section.

Those who believe that church music consists simply of a few songs that they once heard in church, heard coming from a church, or maybe even sang themselves are seeing but a small part of the picture—and they might be quite surprised indeed to learn just how diverse musica sacra can be.

Articles from this special

Fascinating Versatility

The mdw‘s “Organ Fleet”

Austria’s Unique Place of Organ Research

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