Jelena Gligorijević, PhD
(AMMR grantee)



Jelena Gligorijević is an experienced scholar in the Cultural Study of Music with a strong international academic record spanning several European countries (Serbia, Britain, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, and Ireland), and with multiple research interests ranging from Max Cavalera’s World Metal projects, through to queer karaoke and live music performances during the COVID-19 crisis, to Brexit in Britain’s popular music discourses. Her primary field of expertise is, however, in issues of identity, power, and politics in Balkan popular music across the former Yugoslav region, notably Serbia, as exemplified by her doctoral dissertation Contemporary Music Festivals as Micronational Spaces: Articulations of National Identity in Serbia’s Exit and Guča Trumpet Festivals (University of Turku, 2019). A common denominator that ties all her previous studies together is ethnographic approach and research focus on the political in and through popular music-culture within the broadly conceived field of critical cultural studies.

Jelena is the recipient of many awards and fellowships, with the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship 2020 being the most prestigious one. As an appointed Marie-Curie fellow at Dublin City University, she was granted a unique opportunity to gain a new set of skills required for the projects based on less conventional research approaches such as ethnographic filmmaking and arts methods. Combined with her lasting passion for politics, Jelena’s ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between music scholarship, arts, and activism.

Jelena Gligorijević received an AMMR seed money grant from MMRC to develop the research project provisionally titled: “Minorities within Minorities? Identity and Power Play in Balkan Popular Music Practices of Multiply Marginalized Groups within Vienna’s Ex-Yugoslav Diaspora”.