Amos Darkwa ASARE, PhD
(AMMR grantee)



Amos Darkwa Asare is a pedagogue, performer and a researcher who obtained his PhD (Cotutelle) in Ethnomusicology and Cultural Policy from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and the University of Hildesheim in Germany. His research interests are on music and indigenous rituals, and policy implications for such healing systems. Amos is highly knowledgeable in Ghanaian musical traditions including traditional music and dance and contemporary musical styles. He is a practicing choral musician and has been working with several Ghanaian choirs. Amos has one choral album to his credit. He is currently working on minority fishing groups in Ghana and how they use music to tell their stories.

Amos Darkwa Asare received an AMMR seed money grant from MMRC to develop the research project “‘We sing to live’: The analysis of the songs of a minority fishing community in Cape Coast, Ghana”.