Mirjam Karoly

The fight for justice and recognition of the Roma Holocaust


Along historical developments and using examples from Germany and Austria, Mirjam Karoly talks about the importance of the struggles for recognition of the Roma Holocaust for the Romani civil rights movement, but also for the international youth movement - as a means for empowerment, participation and self-determination.


Mirjam Karoly is a political scientist and independent consultant focusing on human rights and Roma policies in Europe, considering gender and diversity issues. Between 2013 – 2017 she was head of the Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE) in Warsaw. As an advocate for Roma rights, Karoly is a member of the Austrian Ethnic Group Advisory Council for Roma, an honorary member of Romano Centro, and a member of the Austrian delegation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. She is active in the Austrian and European Roma movement and in initiatives working to contextualize the historical persecution of Roma in light of the current human rights situation.

Mirjam Karoly © Teresa Preis