Calls for Papers

Konferenzen  - Calls for Papers

L a n d i n g | Call for Contributions to the first publication of the international artistic research platform - Deadline expression of interest: 15.7.2024, final Deadline: 15.9.2024

International Network for Artistic Research in Jazz (INARJ): Communities of Practice - Deadline CfP 31.7.2024

Conference on the Arts in Society: "The Art of Hospitality", 28.-30.5.2025, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh - Deadline 28.7.2024

Joint Research Day: Collective Practices & Collaboration in Research in the Arts, 22.11.2024, Leiden University - Deadline: 1.9.2024

ACTUS: Audience as Performer, Institute of Ethnomusicology - Centre for Music and Dance Studies (INET-md) und der Universidade de Aveiro, 8.-9.11.2024 - Deadline 1.10.2024

Resonance: 16th SAR Conference 2025: Society for Artistic Research & i2ADS – University of Porto, 7.-9.5.2024 - Deadline 15.10.2024 (Application via Research Catalogue from 15.8.2024)


Journals - Calls for Submission

Journal of Popular Music Education: Special Issue "Popular Music Education in Europe" - Deadline 1.9.2024

RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research: "Dreaming the city for real – spaces of polyphony, dissonance and coexistence" - Deadline 30.9.2024

RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research: "Artist Pedagogy" - Deadline 30.11.2024

IJMM: Music Mediation and the Socio-Ecological Transition - Deadline 31.12.2024

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) und Erwachsenenbildung - Deadline 3.2.2025

Journal of Embodied Research - Calls for Submission

Journal for Music & Minorities (M&M) - Submissions Accepted Continuously

Open Gender Journal -Submissions Accepted Continuously

IMPAR - Online Journal for Artistic Research - Submissions Accepted Continuously

Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov journal - Submissions Accepted Continuously




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