April 16, 2024 Theresa Dlouhy

The PEEK Project Arts in Philosophy : Philosophy in the Arts. On The Significance of the *Heart* in Artistic-Research and Performance Philosophy invites you to


Rote Bar, Volkstheater (Wien)

Wednesday, 17.4. 18:30-20:00 ROTE *HERZENS*ANGELEGENHEIT: Herzkammer #1

Wednesday, 19.6. 18:30-20:00 ROTE *HERZENS*ANGELEGENHEIT: Herzkammer #2



Our research project is sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Grant-DOI: 10.55776/AR822


Ticket reservation: please send an email to boehler@mdw.ac.at (you need a ticket, but its free / Zählkarten)



Arno Böhler, Evi Jägle, Christoph Müller