May 29, 2022 Theresa Dlouhy

Friday, 3rd June 2022, 19h-22h

mdw – Future Art Lab


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Birgitta Flick: Circular Composition

Chanda Rule, voice, Birgitta Flick, tenor saxophone, Ivar Roban Krizic, double bass, Gernot Bernroider, percussion


Birgitta Flick: Circular Compositon II, 3rd Movement, “Sorrow” for tenor saxophone solo

Kumbhaka, text by Chanda Rule, Birgitta Flick, tenor saxophone


Jagoda Szmytka: untitled (via Zoom)


Christoph Wichert: Kampung Saya

Christoph Wichert, bassoon and serunai




Illia Razumeiko: Wind from Podil – fragments and stories from OPERA LINGUA

Conductor: Roman Grygoriv

Performers: Leah Batstone, Brigitte Wilfing, Birgitta Flick, Ivar Roban Krizic at al.


Fu Tian: The Story of Croche

Performer: Fu Tian




Saturday, 4th June 2022, 19h-22h

mdw – Future Art Lab




Brigitte Wilfing: And Yet It Turns

Performer: Brigitte Wilfing


Daniel Maltz Hausmusik (via Zoom)

Performer: Daniel Maltz


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong: anything but art

Performer: Jorge Sanchez-Chiong




Ivar Roban Krizic: Performing Reflection. A Work in Progress

Performers: Ivar Roban Krizic – double bass, objects, voice, Bojan Krhlanko – drums, objects, electronics


Karl Salzmann: Artistic practice and other interventions for and with the turntable

Performers: Electric Indigo & Karl Salzmann


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