Taking the preferences and needs of our young musicians into account, we organise custom-tailored workshops on a wide variety of themes including improvisation, moderation, composition, preparing for performances, and much more. For these, we bring in the mdw’s best lecturers as well as external experts depending on the theme and other specifics.


Opportunities to perform before an audience are extremely important for any young musician. We join forces with our partners to organise regular evenings featuring chamber, solo, and orchestral repertoire in various locations. The highlights for our young participants include trips and exchange concerts abroad. Join us for one of our upcoming concerts and get enthused by our young musicians!

Young Masters

YOUNG MASTERS, run in cooperation with the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School, is our most successful programme for the promotion of highly gifted children and adolescents.


Youth Master Classes

In cooperation with the Conference of Austrian Music School Associations (KOMU), the mdw offers annual master classes for children and adolescents held at the University during summer and autumn break, respectively. These offerings are geared to those who have won prizes at the competition “prima la musica”. The master classes afford young talents from all of Austria’s provinces opportunities to get to know members of the mdw faculty and also include group instruction on a colourful variety of topics (e.g., ensemble work, improvisation, bodily movement, orchestra, music theory ) where they can get to know each other.

Individual Advising

Every human being is unique. Everyone’s path is individual. And where musically talented and highly gifted children are concerned, any number of questions may arise concerning how to provide optimal support. What’s more, entering a university setting is something that needs to be well considered at such a young age.
We’re happy to advise our dear parents and esteemed teachers as to how their children and students might best be afforded the appropriate type of extra enrichment.


Who we’re there for

All those who are interested in early enrolment at the mdw or participation in our programmes for talented young people are very welcome to get in touch with us.