Preliminary Programme

The focus of this symposium is on families across the age span, from music therapy work with children and their families to practice with elderly people and their relatives. We are planning a lively programme of innovative, multidisciplinary, interactive sessions and presentations which will encourage discussion about a broad range of approaches when working with families. The central aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for professional and lively face to face exchange among music therapists working with families.

Friday, 23rd September 2022      |       SYMPOSIUM





Welcome to the 1st International Symposium “Music Therapy with Families”

Ulrike Sych (Head of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AUT)
Thomas Stegemann & Eva Phan Quoc (AUT)
Grace Thompson (AUS)


Families and Music Therapy: The Journey so Far

Stine Lindahl Jacobsen (DNK)
Grace Thompson (AUS)


Music Therapy with Families: Past and Present 

Amelia Oldfield (UK)
Kirsi Tuomi (FIN)
Eva Phan Quoc (AUT)


Coffee Break




Multidisciplinary Work with Families: Meeting Different Needs in Complex Systems

Agnes Burghardt-Distl (Chair, AUT)
Multiprofessional Local Presenters (AUT)


Poster Craze


Coffee Break

(not available online)

Glimpses into the Music Therapy Room

Eva Phan Quoc (Chair, AUT)
Giulia Federigo (IT)
Alexandra Georgaki (UK)
Fernanda Valentin (BRA)
Amy Howden (AUS)
Claire Molyneux (UK)



Social Event: Dinner



Saturday, 24th September      |       SYMPOSIUM



Workshops (not available online)

1. Music in Everyday Life - Assessing, Reflecting and Experiencing (Tali Gottfried, ISR)

2. Together with Music: Family Intergenerational Music Therapy Work in the UK (Charlotte Miller, UK)

3. Attachment Focused Music Therapy with Families. Tools for Developing, Enhancing and Strengthening the Attachment Bond between Children and their Parents (Kirsi Tuomi, FIN)

4. Chroma`s Work with Families: Curiosity, Compassion and Hope (Daniel Thomas & Rachel Swanick, UK)

5. Parent Coaching of Music Interventions: Working with the Parent to Support the (Autistic) Children (Eugenia Hernandez-Ruiz, USA/ MEX)

6. Parents as Nurturing Resources: A Family Integrated Approach to Music Therapy for Neonatal Procedural Support (Alexandra Ullsten, SWE)



  • Round Table  (Grace Thompson, AUS)
  • Music Therapy 2.0: Expanding Early Childhood Services in a Digital World (Online-Workshop, Petra Kern, USA)



Coffee Break


Music Therapists in Dialogue: Celebrating Diverse Identities within Family Music Therapy

Rut Wallius (Chair, SWE)
Pornpan Kaenampornpan (THA)
Rachel Swanick (UK)
Caroline Anderson (UK)


Perspectives from Music Therapy Participants

Amelia Oldfield (Chair, UK)
Maxim Thompson (UK)
Bill Thompson (online, UK)
Brigitte Meier-Sprinz (DE)
Andreas Sprinz (DE)
Lilly Haller (online, DE)



Group Photo






Music Therapists in Dialogue: Creating Bridges between Therapy and Everyday Life (not available online)

Tali Gottfried (Chair, ISR)
Galit Noy (ISR)

Jo Tomlinson (UK)


Coffee Break


Expanding Horizons of Family Music Therapy

Laura Blauth (online, DE)
Mark Ettenberger (COL)


Music Therapy with Families: Looking to the Future

Claire Flower (UK)
Thomas Stegemann (AUT)


Farewell Music


Sunday, 25th September 2022    |    NETWORK DAY Music Therapy with Families (not available online)



Networking Programme (not available online)  

A day for music therapists working with families to exchange, discuss, explore and share...

(details to be announced)


Coffee Break


Networking Programme  (not available online)  

A day for music therapists working with families to exchange, discuss, explore and share...

(details to be announced)

End: 13:00


OPTIONAL: Having Lunch logether before we part