Legal Bases



Austrian University Act (UG)

In accordance with the Austrian University Act 2002, equal opportunities represent one of the University’s most fundamental principles and missions. The University Act stipulates that every university must set up a working group for equal opportunity issues and governs its gender composition, rights and duties (UG 2002, § 42). It also stipulates that every university must incorporate a Women’s Advancement Plan and an Equal Opportunities Plan in its statutes (UG 2002, Novelle BGBl I 2015/21, § 20b).

Austrian Equal Opportunities Act (B-GlBG)

The Austrian Equal Opportunities Act regulates the equal treatment of women and men, the advancement of women, as well as equal opportunities without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or worldview, age or sexual orientation (anti-discrimination) in service and training relationships, as well as a ban on discrimination in connection with a study programme. The Austrian Equal Opportunities Act draws a distinction between direct and indirect discrimination and stipulates that sexual harassment and gender-based harassment constitute discrimination based on gender.



Statutes of the mdw

Statute section on the AKG 

The statute section on the AKG regulates the number and gender composition of the members of the AKG, as well their period in office and deployment.

Rules of Procedure of the AKG

The Rules of Procedure governs the functioning and the procedures of the AKG as well as the rights and duties of its members.

Women’s Advancement Plan (FFP)

The aim of the Women’s Advancement Plan is to eliminate the current underrepresentation of women in all organisational units, at all hierarchical levels, in all functions and activities, and to implement equal opportunities and the advancement of women in personnel policy, distribution of resources, research, and the opening up of the arts and teaching to women. Besides this, the Women’s Advancement Plan includes stipulations on gender-neutral language, gender mainstreaming and the development and expansion of Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at the mdw.

Equal Opportunities Plan

In addition to the Women’s Advancement Plan, the Equal Opportunities Plan serves to implement constitutional and statutory requirements for the equality and equal treatment of all university members. It covers the core dimensions of diversity – namely gender, ethnicity, religion or worldview, age, sexual orientation, and disability.