Zawinul Legacy 3.0 - Workshop

"Prepare to be captivated by the electrifying sound of Zawinul Legacy 3.0, which pays homage to legendary 3-time Grammy Award Winner keyboardist / composer Joe Zawinul. Zawinul Legacy 3.0 pushes the boundaries of contemprary jazz. Fueled by Joe Zawinul’s musical sporot, this phenomenal ensemble creates an unforgettable sonic experience celebrating the music legacy of Joe Zawinul while carving their own unique path."


10 Uhr - 10.50 Uhr

Tony Zawinul „How to survive as an indie artist“

11 Uhr - 11.50 Uhr

Zawinul Legacy Band (15 Min. Konzert, anschl. Q&A)

12 Uhr - 13 Uhr

Individual instrument groups (one group at the „Clara Schumann-Saal“, the others in rooms at ipop)

Omar Hakim - drums
Bobby Thomas jr. - percussion
Rachel Z - keyboard
Bob Franceschini - reeds
Gerald Veasley - bass

13.15 - 14.15 Uhr

Bandcoaching (Band is put together from selected students, remaining students passive participation)



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