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Tatjana Dravenau 

I studied piano at the Music Colleges in Essen, Detmold/Münster and Cardiff and specialized on Song accompany in Munich. I have born and raised four children, by whom I constantly learn a lot. After having worked as a freelanced liedpianist and as a teacher for vocal accompany at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen for several years, I did an additional Master of Arts in music pedagogy in Cologne (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz) in 2021 and began my doctoral studies in Vienna in October 2021.

I developed a new form of seminar called "Lied and lyrics" in which students of musicology and of literature together with students of piano and voice work with songs both from a scientific and an artistic angle. In my dissertation I want to research if the professional interpretation of songs, which includes this kind of multi-perspective approach, can offer the opportunity for transformation and ›Bildung‹.



Short description of the dissertation project

During my doctoral studies I am researching how the learning, teaching and professional performing of Lied can offer opportunities for Bildung, which means, in the perspective of my dissertation, to develop one's own identity, to find a way to understand the outside world and to get connected to it. My work is based on the theory of Transformatorische Bildung, developed by Hans-Christoph Koller, which defines the change of one's relation to the world and to oneself as an essential aspect of Bildung. Furthermore, Wilhelm von Humboldt's idea that language and the ability to articulate oneself is the foundation of Bildung is crucial for my subject, as songs are a hybrid work of art which combines language and music and relates them with those who interpret them. Regarding the professional aspect of Liedgestaltung, the performing of Lied as a professional artist and the education to do so within a conservatory, I am working with the theory of Habitus by Pierre Bourdieu because I want to find out, if the regular training of professional artists and the necessity to adapt different identities in the musical roles they are playing can make it possible to change or broaden their Habitus.