Photo © Tianyu Jiang

Tianyu Jiang holds an MA in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University (2019), a BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Zhejiang University (2017), and had exchange studies at University of Oslo (2016) and University of York (2015). Their main research interests include intersectionality in cultural space/place, performance and performativity, affect theory, digital literacy, visual epistemology, queer phenomenology. Parallel to academic pursuits, they have actively volunteered for queer cultural events in different regions, with an ongoing contribution to the program group of Cinema Queer in Stockholm.

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The Embodied Rhythm of Female, Queer and Non-Binary DJ Collectives: Identity, Memory and Resistance

The dissertation project seeks to explore the potentials and constraints centered around the proliferation of femme and queer music initiatives in recent years. The project aims to critically examine the inclusive safe space and music network built up by these DJ collectives, with a focus on: various material approaches the music practices have engaged with, including the mobilization of unconventional performing entities, and the collaboration with other material cultures; knowings of identities realized during music performances, and the articulation of such knowledge within the broader social-political context of feminism and queer activism; the confrontation and negotiation between the agenda of these collectives and the localized infrastructures and regulations. Empirical studies using ethnography and qualitative methods will be conducted, and the self-reflectiveness of methodologies will also be of central concern. A special interest is to document and re-evaluate the embodiment of dance music in a post-lockdown era, specifically independent scenes practiced by marginalized communities in relation to, for example, social distancing rules, the recognition and application of streaming channels, and the financial struggle for underground venues.