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Sophie Zehetmayer studied Creative Writing at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Musicology at the University of Vienna, where she completed her master’s degree in 2020 with a thesis on musical references in current German-language philosophy of music. Since 2016 she has been working at the Department of Musicology and Performance Studies at mdw. Main research interests include philosophy of music and aesthetics (esp. from the 20th/21st century), aspects of corporeality, (inter)textuality, and translation in music, postcolonial theory and philosophy of science.

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Relating Rhythm. Aesthetic Dimensions of an Ambiguous Concept

This project focuses on the conceptualization of rhythm within contemporary philosophical writings on phenomenology and aesthetic experience which consider rhythm on the one hand as a structurally constitutive and affective dimension of aesthetic – and especially musical – phenomena, and on the other hand as a more general and abstract category of signification and perception. This field is examined from a critical perspective that is informed by cultural theory and its disciplinary backgrounds, drawing on discourse and cultural analysis. The project deals with the question of how we can understand and deconstruct the discursive practices of knowledge production and their effects on the evaluation of music and rhythmic structures. This also raises the question of how this understanding might change the way we analyse music phenomena from an aesthetic point of view, by also considering the cultural and epistemological contexts in which they are placed.