Audible Research: How do I produce my own research podcast? Report and Outlook

Podcasts (including pocasts about science and research) are in everyone’s ears: they enable us to dig into specific themes, gain insights into the most varied research questions and academic disciplines, and get to know personalities from academia. The tools needed to produce highly individual podcasts are fairly simple. And when done in serial form, podcasts are very well suited to getting research work across in a well-founded and audience-appropriate way.

The multi-part workshop Wissenschaft im Ohr – Wie mache ich meinen eigenen Wissenschaftspodcast? [Audible Research: How do I produce my own research podcast?] took place this past winter semester under the aegis of Knowledge Transfer Centre East (Wissenstransferzentrum Ost – WTZ Ost) with the goal of accompanying the practical realisation of podcast ideas by a small group of early-career researchers from a number of different academic disciplines.

Under the leadership of Julia Grillmayr, herself an active research podcaster, the first workshop day in November 2020 covered basic information and the steps involved in production while the second date in December was devoted to individual advising on actual realisation. The conclusion was marked by a “Listening Café” meeting of the entire group in which the participants could also voice their feedback. The interdisciplinarity of the group of participants, who came from various universities, was particularly enriching and also made it possible to check whether the presented content could be understood by people from outside the respective disciplines.

It’s a particular pleasure for us to announce that we’ll once again be able to offer this workshop during the present summer semester. This will allow even more early-career researchers to come out from behind the acoustic curtain and receive support for their efforts to have their research be heard and experienced!

© Bianca Jasmina Rauch, Barbara Wolfram

The first outcomes of this workshop are audibly impressive: Ned wuascht – wir geh’n fisch’n. Der Podcast fürs feministische Filmlesen [It Does Matter – We’re Going Fishing.] is a podcast for feminist readings of films by Bianca Jasmina Rauch and Barbara Wolfram, doctoral candidates at Film Academy Vienna. In his podcast Music in the Experience of Forced Migration from Syria to the European Borderland, Ioannis Christidis—a doctoral candidate at the mdw’s MMRC – Music and Minorities Research Center—provides insights into his ethnomusicological research work. The podcast Performatorium im Ohr – Performance aus der Box [Performatorium for the Ears – Out-Of-The-Box Performance] by Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann acoustically presents the extensive archive of the feminist performance platform “Performatorium” in the form of audio collages.

And do you know what’s meant by the term “Internet of things”? If not, you can find out in the podcast by Christian Jandl and Florian Taurer (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences).

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