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The Covid-19 crisis has totally transformed our everyday lives. All of the mdw’s teaching and event spaces had to be closed—rendering our usual ways of teaching and working impossible. As a consequence, the mdw’s teaching and working processes had to be (and were!) transferred to the virtual realm from one day to the next.

Over the weeks since then, the all-out effort put forth by the entire mdw community together with the hmdw has enabled our institution’s activities to continue on all levels. I’d therefore like to extend my warmest thanks to all students, teaching staff members, and other members of the mdw community for the tireless dedication, creative approaches, and willingness to adapt that they’ve brought to bear in tackling the challenges that have arisen. It’s thanks to all these things that we’ve been able to uphold teaching and research in an exceptional situation with conditions that we’ve never before had to face.

This somewhat belated issue of mdw Magazine sheds light on the (initial) consequences of the Covid-19 crisis for the cultural industry: we’ve queried some of our alumni as to the direct effects of this crisis on their diverse careers and livelihoods. What’s more, our Department of Cultural Management launched a survey that documents the income losses being suffered by Austrian musicians.

We also invite you to read about some now-postponed events as part of a report on gender diversity at universities followed by an interview with the filmmaker and artistic researcher Jyoti Mistry.

Our Special section focusses on the mdw’s ongoing efforts concerning sustainability: we’ve taken a look at how research fields might operate in a sustainable manner, how artistic careers might be pursued in this age of climate crisis, and how the likewise-ongoing efforts of the initiative “green mdw” have changed our university.

And finally, we’re pleased to feature two outstanding women who are renowned for their artistic achievements: composer Olga Neuwirth talks about gender and provocation, and conducting star Marin Alsop joins us as she begins her work as an mdw artist in residence.

I wish you an enriching read, and please stay well!

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