In June 2018, the mdw received a Sustainability Award in the “Management and Administration” category for its project Zusammenklänge – Musizieren mit Flüchtlingen [Consonance – Making Music with Refugees]. This project was brought to life at the mdw by Klara Harrer-Baranyi and Andreas Wildner in March of 2015. Since then, mdw students have been offering weekly music lessons to 46 young refugees interested in learning to play an instrument. A total of 44 mdw students are currently participating in this project as volunteers, and their efforts are enabling music to overcome all manner of borders. The Sustainability Award, presented on 7 June at the Marble Hall of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, recognises initiatives (at universities and elsewhere) that address social issues and sustainability. The mdw’s winning project was realised under the aegis of the hmdw in cooperation with the Ludwig van Beethoven Department of Piano and Harpsichord in Music Education.

Sustainability Award
©BMNT/Paul Gruber

Earlier this year, in April, the mdw was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for the anniversary event of its Rennweg location, Fest am Rennweg (June 2017); this event was conducted as a “Green Meeting”. Green Meetings are characterised by better-than-usual energy efficiency and waste avoidance as well as by the environmentally friendly arrival and departure of their attendees. Central aspects are also regional value added and social responsibility. Events conducted at the mdw can apply for certification as Green Meetings by contacting the initiative Grüne mdw. In connection with the Ecolabel, the mdw’s standards of environmental sustainability were also recognised this year in the form of the “OekoBusiness Vienna” designation.

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