Paper      P59      
Date of use1760 - 1764
Paper millAntonio Seguito, Lusetti, Toscolano
CommentaryP59 is identical with Denny 1762-AS-1.
ConcordancesDenny 1762-AS-1

Watermark P59A

Watermark3 crescents
Selenometrie in mmxz: 78, xy: 19
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._18235_2_fol24v23r18v17r
watermark countermark cornermark sheet

Twinmark P59B

Watermark3 crescents
Selenometrie in mmxz: 82, xy: 20
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._18235_2_fol21v22r19v20r
twin watermark twin countermark twin cornermark twin sheet

Copyists and works

Copyists using paper P59WK60A, WK60B, WK60R, WK60S, WK62A, WK64A, WK71P, WK72D, 3 unidentified copyists
Scores written on paper P59Bonno_18235, Bonno_18291, Duni_17894, Gluck_10242, Gluck_17778, Gluck_17877, Gluck_3030-F28, Gluck_9949, Hasse_18663, Monsigny_10244, Monsigny_17893
Staff ruling on paper P5910/190A, 10/190L, 10/c.186, 10/c.189, 8/180A, 8/184B