5th Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition 2022

Prize-winning and recommended pieces

1 to 4 February 2022

The 5th edition of the Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition attracted a total of 160 submissions from 46 countries in all the continents of the world. The pieces selected for the final round were played by students of the Ludwig van Beethoven Department of Piano in Music Education.

Patrick Thomas Schäfer (Germany): Creatures (1st prize)

Lavenie Natalie Steger


Adrian Mocanu (Ukraine): La piccola fiammiferaia (2nd prize)


Xiang Zuo


Biin Jin (South Korea): Pendule (shared 3rd prize)


Julia Charlotte Alton


Óscar Prados (Spain): Interludes for piano (two, three and four players) (shared 3rd prize)


Isabella Brunbauer / Supisara Kaseamluck / Seyedreza Mojtabavi / Heidrun Wurm


In-Gi Kim (South Korea): Qualia (recommendation)


Eliza Agajeva


Karlo Margetić (New Zealand): In all directions (recommendation)


Benedikt Holter


Luis Alberto Tenaglia (Argentina): Los días antes del Tiempo II (recommendation)


Franziska Musil


Marc Vogler (Germany): Organum (recommendation)


Aida Akhmetova


Tonmeister: Benedikt Ross