Our job


The task of the Working Group on Equal Opportunities (AKG) is to prevent discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion or worldview, age, sexual orientation and/or disability, as well as sexual and gender-based harassment and to advise and support the members and bodies of the University in these matters.

In cases of discrimination and harassment, the AKG offers all members of the mdw information, counselling and support. Within the framework of counselling interviews, it is possible to discuss strategies and further steps (e.g. mediation talks with all parties involved, appealing to the arbitration committee, appeals against personnel decisions or bringing in the Austrian Equal Opportunities Commission). All requests for information will thereby be treated confidentially and, on request, anonymously. All members of the AKG are legally required to maintain confidentiality. The AKG thereby takes rapid, discreet action.

The AKG also offers all members of the mdw counselling and support in cases of mobbing.

Should you yourself experience discrimination or witness discrimination against third parties, please contact a member of the AKG or make contact through the office. Together, we will then arrange an appointment for a private, undisturbed talk.

In addition, the AKG is represented on appointment and habilitation committees in an advisory capacity and is entitled to be present at board examinations (for instance, entrance or final examinations), including in the closed session.

The AKG has to monitor adherence to the legally stipulated  female quota in collegial bodies (50%), thus contributing to the equal treatment of women in university decision-making.

In addition, the AKG also makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of gender-neutral and anti-discriminatory language, fosters the development and expansion development and expansion of Gender and Diversity Studies and offers sensitisation measures for members of the University.

The AKG also has the right of proposal regarding the drawing-up of the statutes for the Women’s Advancement Plan and Equal Opportunities Plan in accordance with the Austrian University Act (UG).

The AKG is linked to other internal and external institutions for equal opportunities and anti-discrimination and is a member of the ARGE GLUNA – the association comprising all the chairpersons of working groups for equal opportunities at Austrian universities – and of the Admina-x-network– the association comprising all administrative staff of the working groups.

In addition, every year the Working Group on Equal Opportunities compiles statistics  on the distribution of the sexes and the proportion of women at the mdw.

The AKG also participates in issue-specific events, such as those organised by the Department of Equal Opportunities, Gender Studies and Diversity.