Music and Democracy: Participatory Approaches

Marko Kölbl and Fritz Trümpi (eds.)

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Kölbl, Marko, and Fritz Trümpi, eds. 2021. Music and Democracy. Participatory Approaches. Vienna: mdwPress. Cite

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Ambivalences in Music and Democracy. Introductory Remarks by Marko Kölbl and Fritz Trümpi

Part 1: From Recorded Democracy to Digital Participation?

Entrepreneurial Tapists: Underground Music Reproduction and Distribution in the U.S. and U.S.S.R., 1960s and 1970s by Marsha Siefert

New Model, Same Old Stories? Reproducing Narratives of Democratization in Music Streaming Debates by Raphaël Nowak and Benjamin A. Morgan

Part 2: Political Impacts of Bourgeois Music Culture

The National Society of Music (1915–1922) and the Ambivalent Democratization of Music in Spain by David Ferreiro Carballo

Verdi at the Heart of the Dictatorship: A celebrazione verdiana Among Fascists by Gabrielle Prud’homme

Part 3: (Non‐)Democratic Participation in Popular Music and Performance Cultures

The Intervision Song Contest: Popular Music and Political Liberalization in the Eastern Bloc by Dean Vuletic

“Vodka, Beer, Papirosy”: Eastern European Working-class Cultures Mimicry in Contemporary Hardbass by Ondřej Daniel

Disembodiment and South Asian Performance Cultures by Rumya S. Putcha

Part 4: Sonic Implications of Political Changes

Music Activism in Serbia at the Turn of the Millennium: Counterpublics, Citizenship, and Participatory Art by Milena Dragićević Šešić and Julija Matejić

Expanding Musical Inclusivity: Representing and Re-presenting Musicking in Deaf Culture through Hip Hop by Katelyn E. Best

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