‘Universum rei harmonicae concentum absolvunt’. The Harpsichord in the Sixteenth Century

Augusta Campagne and Markus Grassl (eds.)

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Campagne, Augusta, and Markus Grassl, eds. 2024. ‘Universum Rei Harmonicae Concentum Absolvunt’. The Harpsichord in the Sixteenth Century. Wien: mdwPress. Cite


1 Introduction

Augusta Campagne and Markus Grassl

2 The Rhetoric of Sweetness: Towards Ideals of Perception and Performance in Sixteenth-Century Keyboard Music

Catalina Vicens

3 Keyboard Tablatures and Imaginary Instrumental Interchange in the Sixteenth Century

John Griffiths

4 Hacking the System: Italian Keyboard Intavolatura and Scribal Habit

Ian Pritchard

5 Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing: Practising with Tomás de Santa María

August Valentin Rabe

6 ‘Nach seinem selbst gefallen mit der Mensur wexln’: Instances in Sixteenth-Century Keyboard Music Where Ornamentation and Changing Note Values Might Induce the Player to Vary the Beat

Domen Marinčič

7 On the Performance Practice of Andrea Antico’s Frottole intabulate da sonare organi, libro primo (Rome, 1517)

Fabio Antonio Falcone

8 Le mani di Cecilia: Hand Position and Fingering on Keyboards in Italian Iconographical Sources of the Renaissance

Maria Luisa Baldassari

9 From Lisbon to Shewa via Goa: Renaissance Keyboards in the Christian Kingdom of Sixteenth-Century Ethiopia

Janie Cole

10 Antonio de Cabezón at the Centre of the World: Repertoire, Interpretation and Meaning

Andrés Cea Galán

11 Appendix

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