mdw club – for alumni, friends and partners!

Our goal is to nourish a spirit of loyalty and general well-being at the mdw and also to provide support to the mdw’s alumni, friends, and partners, in the process helping to make their activities known to a broader public.

The mdw club is a cultural and international network for mdw graduates, students, teachers, friends, and partners, as well as for non-teaching mdw employees. Participation is open to everyone who feels connected to the mdw, supports our activities, and would like to make use of what we offer.


Foto: Stephan Polzer



Golden Nica for mdw-Alumnus

Last year, mdw alumnus Peter Kutin was awarded the Golden Nica in the category "Digital Musics & Sound Art" of the Prix Ars Electronica for TORSO #1. Congratulations!

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New mdw-Magazin out now: Artistic Research

Art and research may not be things that one would directly associate with each other at first blush. But it’s just this relationship that the following pages explore—with insights on the development of artistic research both in general and at the mdw, an introduction to the University’s currently running artistic research projects, and a look into the future of this field.
Read more about Alumni Alessandro Baticci, who will be returning to his alma mater with a project of his own: DigitAize – Digitised String Instruments.

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Current Discount for Theatre- and Concert Tickets

At the moment there is again an amazing offer of directing tickets for the Volkstheater and the Theater in der Josefstadt! Check it out!

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New Alumni Portraits

With the series mdw Alumni, the mdw club introduces outstanding talents from the many different areas covered by the mdw. Read more about the passion felt by teachers for what they do, about how one student ended up becoming a film critic, or about how another became an artists’ agent with her own agency.

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